Letter to Andrew Jackson from David Bannister Morgan

Head Quarters Drafted Militia Fort St. Leon
26 December 1814


         I have succeded in removing all the Troops and a piece of Cannon to this post; and am now continueing to transport the rest of the pieces; I think it will be accomplished before the Enemy can advance on the post of the English Turn--
         Last night, within gun shot of the Enemy's Centinel--I succeded in cutting pretty effectually  the Levy--
        It was a most favourable spot, at this season of the river--This morning I reconnoitered the lowest piquet of the Enemy, and found him with a strong party busily occupied in stopping the Cut--
        I also made one to day near Mr. Morgan's--but the river having rapidly fallen--it will not be of much service The Enemy had to day, as if to avoid our further attempts--or to discover them pushed his piquets as low as Mr La Chapelles--our horse piquet approached so near as to fire on him--
       I have apprised major Overton--on your order, and shall as soon as possible--our Troops having slept Little and suffered a great fatigue and privations for some days--move from this post as you order opposite to the enemy--and shall wait on you as soon as I can for further orders Sir, I remain Your most obd. Servant      

                                                                                                          David B. Morgan
                                                                                                          Brigr. Genl. Commanding
                                                                                                          Drafted Militia

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