Letter to Andrew Jackson from John McKee

Choctaw Agency
Decr. 22 1814


       In my last of the 6 Currt. by Col. Dyer I expressed a wish to have a personal interview with you should you come to Baton rouge The state of my health with the late heavy rains and high waters have prevented me from going to Natchez as soon as I intended for the Choctaw Annuity, but will go down as soon as it will be practicable to waggon out the goods
      I am mortified by frequent reports that the troops on their passage often use the most insulting acts and language to the indians and within their hearing tending to excite dissatisfaction among them. My letter of the 19th Ulto. will have given you some of the facts as they had then come to my knowledge. I wish a general disposition could be spread among our troops to treat the friendly indians with kindness and confidence, and as if they were making a common cause with us as their friends neighbors and protectors--such treatment would inspire them with a zeal for our service. The persons complained of are but few and in many instances I have no doubt have spoken and acted without reflection I have a pleasure in saying I have not heard a single complaint against Genl. Coffees Brigade.
     It ought to be early known to you that very little can be placed on this country for a supply of provisions or forrage for the returning army. The crops of corn were very light last season and will scarcely be sufficient for the ordinary consumption. I have the honor to be with sincere respect Your obedient servant

                                                                                                              John McKee

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