Letter to Roberts Hays from Andrew Jackson

Head quarters 7th. M. District Neworleans
Decbr. 23rd 1814


       Before this reaches you, you will have heard, of the Capture of our gun Boats on the lakes since which the British has made no movement of importance--The Fort at Petit Coquil, they have not as yet attacked--that is the only Barier between them and the entire peaceable possession of the Lakes--The are said to be in great force--The citizens of this place, since my arival, has displayed a great share of ardor, and unimity--Genl Coffee & General Carroll has both arived their Troops in good health for the climate & in high spirits, and I have a hope should they British effect a landing at any point, I will be able to check them--They Kentuckians has not reached me, neither, have I heard from them
       I have not recd a letter or paper from Tennessee since the last of Octobr. I am anxious to know whether Mrs. Jackson has sailed from Nashville under an expectation that she has, has been the reason why I have not wrote her--If she is still at home say to her the reason I have not wrote her--and say to her and my little son god bless them--I am more than anxious to see them--I send you for your perusal the orders and adresses to the citizens of this place--I hope under every circumstance, and let what will happen, you will hear that I have done my duty--all well--
      with my best respects to your lady and family, and good wishes for yourself I am respectfully, yours Sincerely

                                                                                                              Andrew Jackson

P.S. pray write me--

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