Letter to William Charles Cole Claiborne from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th. M. Dist. New Orleans
Decr. 23d. 1814 3/4 after 3. P.M.

           Genl. Claiborne will take command of the ancients of the City, of New Orleans with the disposable force of militia with the exception of Majr. Plochas and Colo. Fortier's  Battalion of Colour. Will post the dispensible force on the Gentilly road, and keep out vigilent and confidential videts patroles, and reconnoitering parties, so that the enemy cannot penetrate that quarter and surprise him & On the appearance of an enemy will advise the Commanding General without delay. His excellency is charged with the above command, It is expected will bury his men nobly or prevent the enemy from entering the city. The rest is left to his judgment and discretion.

                                                                                        Andrew Jackson
                                                                                        Majr. Genl. Comdg--

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