Order to Philemon Thomas from Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th. M.D. New Orleans
Decr. 22d. 1814


         I am informed that the orders given through Governor Claibourn for calling out the militia in mass in your district, have not been complied with. You will therefore Consider this as an Express order immediately to direct the whole militia of your District to be held in readiness to march at a moments warning; Sending your returns without Delay of the different regiments, and their situation, as fast as they can be procured, to me.
        The Example of the Citizens here (who have turned out to a man) must be followed by the inhabitants of the Country: endeavor to shew them that their only safety consists in a manly resistance & at the same time give them Clearly to understand that the severest punishment will be inflicted on those who neglect their Duty.
        You are to place videts on all assailable points on the lake, or waters leading to it I am &c

                                                                                                                    A Jackson M G C

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