A Letter from William Charles Cole Claiborne to Andrew Jackson

      I am requested by your aid de Camp Captain Butler to furnish a sufficient Guard to conduct the Brittish prisoners to Natchez.
     I am really at a loss from what Corps to detach this Guard; Over the militia within the Lines of your camp, I have no Command, and those without, are for the most part in want of arms. If you could spare the Felecianna troop of Caalry, or a detachmt. from Col. [Robert] Youngs Regiment, their places might be supplied by a detail from General Villerie's Command, so soon as it can be supply'd with Arms. I had intended to go to day to Chef Menture, but I feel too unwell to undertake the journey
     The last orders I gave to Col. [Georger W.] Morgan, were in conformity to what I understood to be you wishes; He was directed to retire to a position near Lafons house; to push out his videtta & Patroles to wards the Lake, to guard against surprise and to communicate occurences---The last reports from Col. Morgan conveys his regreat for the sickness of his troops, attributable to the brackish waters the men were obliged to drink and their great anxiety to be relieved---Col. Shaumburgh will shew you Letters addressed to me by Genreal [Robert] McCausland, and Col. [Joshua] Baker; the former is at Chifuncte with near 400 men, & as you will observe pretty well armed---If you shall say to me to order this you will observe, is making arrangements for the defence of the Tache; He asks for a supply of Arms, and a similar demand is made from every Quarter of the state---
     I regret, that it is not  in my power to furnish a single stand. Col. Baker wishes that some permanenet arrangement be made---for Supplying him with provisions; Will you be good enought to inform me, how far you will approve of my requiring the Contractors---&the Commissary of purchases to furnish Bakers Command with necessary supplies. The Tache is certainly an exposed point, & I have it from good authority that some of the British officers, whilst at the Pass of Christiana, said that one Expedition aganist Louisiana was to proceed by this point of the Tache & Attackapas---with respect I am Sir Your Most Obt. Servt

William C. C. Claiborne

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