Agreement for Exchange of Prisoners between Edward Livingston and Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters 7th Military District
Jany. 17. 1815

     Provisional articles agreed on between Major Smith authorised by Major Genl Lambert and Edward Livingston aid de camp to Major Genl Jackson authorised by him for that purposed subject to the ratification of the respective commanders of the two armies Between the lines Jany 17. 1815.
     1.It being understood that Admiral Sr. Alexander Cochrane has sent or will immediately send the American prisoners as well of the Army as Navy now on board the british fleet to the mouth of the Rigolets It is agreed that a nominal & descriptive receipt shall be given for the same upon honor and that on the receipt of the said Prisoners a number of british prisoners equal in rank and number to those so sent to the Rigolets together with those confined in the british camp shall be sent to the Mouth of the River & be received by ships appointed for that purpose by the Admiral.
     2. At the same time all the prisoners now in the british Camp shall be sent to the American Lines and receipted for as above not to serve until an Equal number of English prisoners sahll be delivered
     3. Officers of Equal Rank shall be exchanged for Equal Rank & wounded for wounded as far as circumstances will permit

Edw Livingston
H G Smith

I approve and ratify the above arrangement

Andrew Jackson
Major Genl comdg

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