From David Bannister Morgan to Andrew Jackson

Head Quarters Drafted Militia
7th. Jany 1815

     Commmodore Patterson has been down opposite Villiere's Canal, and is of opinion the enemy will attempt to cross a force this evening for the purpose of attack upon our lines on this side---he states (it as his opinion that) Villere's Canal is cut out ot the river, That the enemy have about 1,000 men on fatigue, and about 1,500 men, which appearted to be ready to march in any dirction order'd that the enemy appear to be engaged in hauling some cannon down apparently to prepare to cross over---with great Respect your obt. servt.

David B. Morgan
Brigr. Genl. comdg Drafted Militia

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  1. Gen David Bannister Morgan after the battle of New Orleans gave 2 orphaned Cherokee Indian to General Andrew Jackson to take back to his childless wife.