Letter from Andrew Jackson to James Winchester

Head Quarters 7. M. District
31 Jan: 1815

     The express has just reached me with your letters of the 15th. & 22d. Inst.
     I am lament exceedingly the situation of your supplies; & did hope that the precautions which had been used, would have prevented a scarcity at any point That I might not be disappointed, I had dispatched Capt William Lauderdale about the 15th. October with ample powers to purchase, on the failure of the Contractos, & with strict injunctions to push on the supplies with the utmost dispatch to the idfferent points ordered. I received a letter from him on his arrival at Ft. Strother, & have heard nothing of him since. Having had the fullest confidence in his activity & zeal, I am greatly astonished, both at his silence, & his failure to execute the business upon which he was sent. Be pleased to write him, & learn the situation of the supplies & the causes which have so long delayed their arrival.
     While we rejoice in the happy result which has attended our arms & offer up sincere thanksgiving for the remarkable interposition of Heaven on our behalf, it is impossible not to lament that the slow provisions of government, 7 the dilatory movements of its agents should have prevented our success from being complete. Had the arms destined for the use of this army reached it in time, I have very little doubt that the whole force of our invaders might & would have been captured or destroyed
     Whether the enemy will sail direct for Bermuda, or, in a fit of madness, attempt something farther before he leaves our Coast, is not easy to be determined. I am satisfied however that he is too much cripled to meditate any thing serious. Perhaps Nichols & Woodbine may again visit the Apalachala, & endeavour to stir  up the Indians; but I believe their machinations will be counteracted by the representations of Francis & McQueen (should they get back) who were witnesses of the defeat of their army here.
     I cannot bring myself to think the enemy will make any attempt on Ft. Bowyer in returning; yet you will not relax in your former vigilance & exertions I have the honor to be very respectfully Yr. Ob. St.


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