Letter from Andrew Jackson to John Lambert

January 11, 1815

     In answer to my request to be furnished with a list of the prisoners taken from this army, I have just recd.  a roster signd. by Mr. Pierre LeBreton Duplessis containing names.
     It has filled me with astonishment, that, that roster contains the names of many persons, who cannot be considered as prisoners of war, while it omits many others who were realy taken in the attack of the 23d. ulto. In setting an exchange of prisoners, the above reasons, added to others, make it absolutely necessary that the correspondence should be carried on, & the arrangement effected, by the Commanders in Chief of the two armies; or by officers specially authorised by them for this purpose.  
     I have the honor to Command the American forces in this quarter; and am willing at any proper moment, to adjust an exchange of Prisoners, with the officer who commands in Chief the British land forces on this Station. If that officer shall feel similarly inclined, he will be good enough to acquaint me with his disposition.
     The reasons will be perceived which make it necessary that in furnishing a list of prisoners to be used in adjusting an exchange, it should express their respective grades, to what corps they belonged, & in what action or on what occasion they were taken.

A Jackson M G comdg

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