Letter from James Jackson to Andrew Jackson

Nashville January 13th. 1815
Dear Genl. 
     I redc. by last mail your favour of 30th. ulto. It is with great pleasure I congratulate you & our brave country men under your command on the late success against that inveterate enemy -- The loss of the brave fellow who gloriously fell in the cause of their Country is much lamented, but in War some must fall & generally the most valuable part of an Army. An apprehension prevails here that you will in course of the present contest unnecessarily risk your person & in that event, were you to fall, the safey of N Orleans would be jepordised & I mjust confess those general opinions accord much with my own, however we hope for the best. It is not with us to dictate -- Genl. Coffee's good conduct has shut the mouths of every petty raskal in the Country. Carrol also stands high with his Country. he undoubtedly deserves great credit, for getting to the point of dainger with such expedition--
     It is supposed Genl Cock has been aquit by the Court Martial, all the important witnesses were absent, principally from not expecting he would go into a trial, but there was no exertions made to get them here. Genl Johnson during teh sitting of the Court, become candidate for Governor & It is supposed by some East Tennessee flattery induced him to do so--
     Mrs. Jackson has been in suspense for several Weeks & as far as Nashville on her way to New Orleans, Colonel Butler's and Mjor Overton's ladies in Company. they are well fixed for descending the river. All friends concurring in the opinion that they should not proceed until matters are settled below, have defered proceeding untill information from you will justify their going down--
     Mr. Sims has not had an answer from philadelphia. We have been disapointed in getting aoverseer such as We wished & Mrs. J. prefered leaveing the place in care of John Knox, to any person not known to be suitable in eer respect, I have promised to visit the farm occationally--
     I have agreeable to request continued your Note in Bank & shall attend to Bennett Smith &c I would have written more frequent had there been any thing worth writeing about but as 'tis your wish will write frequently if it is to say nothing more than all is well, please tender my best wishes to Genl. Coffee & Captn. Hutchings & believe me your friend

James Jackson

P.S. Judge White has resigned his seat on the Bench, Judge Samuel Powel appointed to fill his place -- The Answer of Erwin & others has not yet been filed, before Court sits they must put it in

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