Letter from John Lambert to Andrew Jackson

Jany. 20th. 1815.

     Mr. Celestin Chiapella the bearer of this, is a Person, whom, previous to the British Force making a movement on the night of the 18th. I had from some particular circumstances thought right to detain for a few days.  I shall send him back tomorrow and I have requested him to deliver, this, the object of which is to acquaint you that to my great surprise, I found on reaching my Head Quarters, that a considerable number of Slaves had assembled there under the idea of embarking with the army. Every pains has been taken to persuade them to remain peaceabley at home, Mr. Celestin has taken with him those that chose to return with him, & the remainder will be given to any proprietors that may claim them & sending a Person who may have influence with them as soon as possible, will be the readiest mode & I will add every facility to their being sent back. I have the Honor to be Sir Your Obedient Servant

John Lambert
M.G.   Commd.

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