Letter to Andrew Jackson from Hatch Dent, Committee Chairman

New Orleans
January 6th. 1815


     In conformity with the joint resolution of both Houses of the Legislature of this state, a certified copy of which is hereunto annexed, I am directed by the joint Committee to apply to your Excellency for an order to Colonel De Clouet, commanding him to appear before said committee at the Government House on to morrow at five o'clock, in the afternoon, in order to answer Such questions as may be put to him relative to the cause of the military measures taken & executed against said Legislature on 28th. December last.
     The joint committee flatter themselves that taking into consideration the importance of the Subject, your Excellency will have no objection in issuing & causing to be executed the above mentioned order. I am very respectfully General, your humble Servant.

H. Dent
chairman of the committee

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