Still Later, Extract of a letter to the Editors of the Baltimore Patriot


Extract of a letter to the Editors of the Baltimore Patriot, dated
Nashville, January 6, 1815.
“GENTLEMAN-You are no doubt in a state of anxiety respecting the fate of New-Orleans-I therefore avail myself of a momentary opportunity to inform you, that only one letter was, by this day’s mail, received from Natches, (none from Orleans) dated the 30th Dec.-stating that nothing had transpired since the action on the night of the 23d December, when the enemy were repulsed and pursued by Jackson one mile. It is inferred they re-embarked, and have not since hazarded a battle.
“General Jackson is prepared to meet them, his troops are good, and the very unexpected facility with which General Carroll moved with his detachment from West Tennessee, has enabled him to join Jackson in time to save Orleans; neither the troops from East Tennessee, or those from Kentucky, whose movements were in the usual tardy state, have yet got down-by the mail of Friday next we expect full information.


Published in the Maryland Gazette-January 26, 1815.

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