"Your post must be defended"

Headquarters 7th Military dist.
10th. Jany 1815
     Immediately upon the receipt of this you will proceed to set fire to and destroy ever house, and remove the fences, in front of your position which may in the Smallest degree interfere with its defence. The materials of the fences will be useful in Comfortably encamping your men. Altho I feel great pain at the destruction of private property, and the infliction of individual injury, yet when the imperious dictates of public duty require the sacrafice I am not allowed to hesitate.
     Your post must be defended -- the safety of the Country and my army in a great measure depends on it. In you I Confide, and from you I expect Corresponding Exertions. In case any Express arrives at your station from Fort St. Philips, I pray your immediate aid in forwarding it to me

Andrew Jackson
Major Genl Comdg

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