Letter from Andrew Jackson to Robert Hays

Head quarters 7th M. District
New orleans February 4th. 1815
Dr Colo
     The mail is in, and not a line or even a news paper from Nashville, I am indebted to Colo Butler for the pleasing intelligence, red from Mr Cantrell that Mrs Jackson & Mrs Butler sailed from Nashville on the 19th. ult. May god preserve them from accident and their Escort-- The enemy (what is left of them) the last account was safely moored at Ship Island 100miles distant, in great distress for want of provisions, without orders, Jealousy between the land and naval forces,and without a reinforcement, in their shattered condition, not able to attempt to invade us-- I have regained all my brave Tennesseans who were made prisoners on the 23rd. of Decbr.-- and all prisoners taken since the enemy arrived on the coast, except 100 seaman Taken with the gun boats--These I expect in a few days--after the exchange is compleated, there will remain between three and four hundred prisoners in my hands-- Major Genl Kean has not died of his wounds as was reported, he is recovering, and has requested, that his sword Taken on the 8th. ult. should be returned-- as it is a favourite one presented by a friend-- I have sent it to him, altho a trophie of war still a greater to be able to yield it to him! when a British Genl makes the request of an american Genl, to restore his sword won in battle-- prospects of peace is opening to our View-- and British pride much humbled--
     I have sent up a Hogshead of goo sugar for y own use-- say to my good friend Mrs Hays your lady-- that part is intended as a present for her-- as soon as it reaches Nashville--
     I have t ask you o say to Mr. Knox, to have my coalts,sheep & other stock well attended to-- I hope to vissit you in the spring-- when I shall expect to find all things well, with large crop of cotton growing--I think my hands can tend forty acres, having no hindrance-- I hope he has been able to clear some ground-- give my love to all friends and say to Capt Donelson--his son is well, and Genl coffee--adieu--

Andrew Jackson

P S. I wish Truxton could be placed at a good stand--do with him for the best-- Capt [Henry] Cook may take this on the same Terms he did last year--

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