Letter from Andrew Jackson to Robert Hays

Head quarters 7th. M District
Neworleans February 17th. 1815
9 oclock p.m.

     The mail has arived and brought me yours of the 6th. instant, and a Letter from Colo Anderson of the 14th. Natchez, advising that he and the ladies had Just reached that place, the citizens had laid an embargo on the ladies for the night, to partake of a party, and they would set out at revelie on the morning of the 15th. all in good health, I hope I shall see them tomorrow-- I have had a serious attack of disentry that reduced me very much, brought on by cold and fatigue in short I have not been clear of it for four months except tend days after my first arival at this place, until five days ago, when Doctor [David C.] Kerr Hospital Surgeon suceeded in stoppit-- and I am again recovering my strength-- in all this situation I have not indulged one day from my duty-- I have this moment recd. a letter from Mr Shields purser of the navy from Bay of St. Louis advising, that the British vessels of war were off Mobile Point and their Transports 45 in number between Horn Island and the main land near Pasgagola-- three of these vessels east of Cat Island-- a few days will develope ther views and intentions--Coffee, Hutchings, Capt Donelson and all relations here well Colo Smith has been sick but on the recovery. with my best wishes for your & your families happiness adieu--

Andrew Jackson

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