Letter from Andrew Jackson to William Charle Cole Claiborne

Head Quarters 7. M. District
New Orleans
6. Feb 1815
     The Legislature of your state being about to close their session, it is due to their character, as well as to those interests over which I am bound to watch, that I should be furnished before thy rise, with the evidence taken by the Comittee appointed to enquire into the causes which, during the action of the 28th Decr. gave rise to information, charging that body with treasonable designs
     If a charge so injurious has been falsely made by any officer of my army, it is necessary that proper proceedings be immediately had against him; & the innocence of every member of that house, whom in the Camp he has so vilely aspired, be made apparent to the world. On the other hand, if the charge be true a regards any member or members of that assembly, it is equally necessary that proper proceedings be forthwith instituted against him or them; as well that the guilty may receive punishment, as the innocent escape suspicion. 
     If I can be furnished with the proceedings of the House in relation to this matter it may save me the necessity of going into an investigation which I consider so important. Very respectfully I have the honor to be Yr. Obt St

Andrew Jackson
Major Genl Comdg

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