Letter to Andrew Jackson from Diego Morphy

Spanish Consulate
New Orleans Feb.17, 1,815
     In consequence of having observed that the certificates I have granted to the legitimate subjects of H. C. M. resident in this City, to exempt them from an active military service, which  they are not subject to by the civil Laws or the Law of Nature; I deem it my duty as Vice Consul, or otherwise as the only representative as I have been hitherto and am now, in this State for the affairs of my Nation, to request of you t oinform me or the Public in what place and with what justifiable Documents the subjects of H. M. my Master should present themselves to prove they are so, and consequently be exempted from said service.
     Permit me to assure you I should not molest you under actual circumstances, did I not consider the very great injustice it would be to reject the just claim which some Spanish Gentlemen have made and continue to make, on a subject of such consequence. I am led to hope from your known justice that you will dispose for the best; persuaded that I will impart the result to His Excellency Don Luis de Onis H. C. M. Minister Plenipotenciary near these United States.
     With sentiments of the highest consideration I have the honor to subscribe myself yr. very obdt. hble St.
Diego Morphy

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