Letter to Andrew Jackson from John Lambert

Head Quarters Ile Dauphine
Febr. 27. 1815

    I have this moment received your letter dated the 20th and I have taken every step to bring the exchange to a speedy conclusion.
    On the subject of the concluding paragraph, I have only to remark that honorable & feeling conduct which has characterized every transaction in which I have had the Honor to be concerned in with you You may rely upon it, I shall take no retrospective view of the conduct of any of the men returned and shall find reasons for discountenancing and enquiry, should it be brought before me or come to my knowledge thro' any other channel.
    With regard to the negroes that have left their masters and are with this force, any proprietor or person deputed, that chooses to present himself to me, will be received & every facility afforded him to communicate with these People and I shall be very happy, if they can be persuaded all to return, but to compel them is what I cannot do--
    With respect (which I enclose) to an address form M. Genl. Villere' to the Commandant of this Force, I am at a loss to understand the Purport. The Comissary Genls.' orders, are to purchase Cattle where ever he can meet with it.  Amongst receipts in that neighborhood for beasts procured is that for those belonging to the M. Genl. I should have been glad to have known the M. genls. Sentiments previously as I certainly should not have troubled myself about his concerns or endeavored to render as little painful as I was able, not living in his House, the unavoidable circumstances attending the immediate Theatre of War towards his Son, whom he had attending the immediate Theatre of War towards his Son, whom he had left unprotected. I have the Honor to be sir your obedient Humble servant

John Lambert
M. General Com.

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