Lieut. Col. Lawrence to Gen. Jackson, Fort Bowyer, Feb. 12

Lieut. Col. Lawrence to Gen. Jackson.
FORT BOWYER, Feb.  12.

SIR-Imperious necessity has compelled me to enter into articles of capitulation with major general Lambert, commanding his Britannic Majesty’s forces in front of Fort Bowyer, a copy of which I forward you for the purpose of effecting an immediate exchange of prisoners.
Nothing but the want of provisions, and finding myself completely surrounded by thousands-batteries erected on the sand-mounds which completely commanded the fort-and the enemy having advanced, by regular approaches, within thirty yards of the ditches, and the utter impossibility of getting any assistance or supplies, would have induced me to adopt this measure. Feeling confident, and it being the unanimous opinion of the officers, that we could not retain the post, and that the lives of many valuable officers and soldiers would have been uselessly sacrificed, I thought it most desirable to adopt this plan. A full and correct statement will be furnished you as early as possible.
Captain Chamberlain, who bears this to F. Livingston, Esq. will relate to him every particular, which will, I hope, be satisfactory.

I am, with respect, your obedient humble servant,
Lt. Col. Commanding.
Maj. Gen. Jackson.


Published in the Maryland Gazette-March 23, 1815.

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