Mobile, Feb. 10, at night, 12 after 7

Mobille, Feb. 10, at night, 12 after 7.

My dear friend-Our little town is in arms, 1200 militia and Indians are under orders to embark with the first fair wind, to assist in the defence of the Point, which is attacked, and has been closely invested, with the most tremendous cannonade, for 50 hours.  Our ears are stunned with the report of an unceasing fire. The wind is ahead-our force cannot get there in time-the general says I must remain with him. I did not want to go with Blue, so says passion, judgment says, we are too late. All our town is bustle, I write this in haste, and with the candle in one hand.

Yours, whether in life or death.


Published in the Maryland Gazette-March 16, 1815.

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