Letter from Andrew Jackson to Thomas Beale

Head Quarrters 7 M D
N Orleans March 6 1815

    The conspiracy which has existed in my camp for some weeks and has given rise to the desertion of my troops from Chef Menteur, and mutiny within the city begins to develop itself.
    The enemy is still on our coast and near us.  His Agents and spies are within the city.
    It therefore becomes my duty before he can renew his attempts upon us, to probe his designs to their source, that I may be prepared to guard against them.
    I must consequently request of you to detail in writing of the declarations of Govr. Claibourn in your presence when you were at a Ball together in the city-- and as near as you can the time when those declarations were made.
    I hope Sir you will pardon me for asking of you this disclosure: and believe that nothing but a sense of duty to my government would have prompted me to ask of you the detail of a conversation in a ball room. I am respectfully yr. Obedt Servant

Andrew Jackson
M G comdg

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