Letter from Rachel Jackson to Robert Hays

March the 5th. 1815
N Orleans

My respected Friendships
    This being the first moment I could call my own since my arrival at this place I gladly snatch the opportunity of writing you a few lines-- In the first place we had a tollerable passage in 25 days we arrived at this place in time for the ball and celebration of Washington’s Birth Night to give you a description is beyond the power of my pen the splendor the brilliant assemblage the magnificence of the supper and ornaments of the room with all our great characters in large letters of gold on a long sheet of glass about four Inches wide with lamps behind that they might be read as we sat at supper I was placed opposite the Motto Jackson and victory an one on the table a most Elegant pyramid on the top was vive Jackson in large letters on the other side the Immortal Washington-- there was a godly ham on the table suffice to say, nothing could Excell the ornaments and spare neither tea nor coffee was on the table-- in fact I have seen more already then in all my life past it is the finest country for the Eye of a stranger but a little while he stirs of the dissipation of this place so much amusement balls concerts Plays theaters && but we don’t attend the half of them I herd the full band of music a few Evenings since-- we are living in a very comfortable house near the genls Head quarters which is a large Elegant Building we din'd with General Gaines yesterday he lives very stylish to morrow with Genl Carroll say to her she must not grieve so much he Enjoys himself is well we have Eliza Butlar with us I wish the girls was here all the nobility French & Spaniards navel officers councils Nites with their stars on their breasts-- I have given you some of the flowers now the thorns Major Read tells me this morning nearly one thousand have died lately. Doctor fore is no more Genl Coffee had him decently interd in the burying ground Mr Web our Near Neighbor is dead married Mrs F Saunders relation-- we entertain great hopes of peace and that our troops may be once more at rest Coffees men has don so much and has sufferd more then all the army Mr J says his troops should never be forgotten by their country I am not very well Collo Butlar is well and Rachel Hays Butler little Robert Butler has been unwell the General looks better in health then when I came here of all men on Earth he does the most business from day light to ten at night devotes little time to pleasure-- we have not seen the battle ground as yet but intend in a few days-- give my love to all the family I expect to be on our return shortly for home your attention and kindness to me when in tribulation I never will forget-- my respects to Mr and Mrs Saunders Graney Hayes and believe me your sincere Friend

Rachel Jackson

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