Letter to Andrew Jackson from John Wright

Camp Navy Yard March 3d. 1815

    agreeable to orders originating from you: and: by you transmitted to his Excelency the governor of the State of Louisiana: and by him to Major General Philemon Thomas: of the 2nd Divission of Militia of the State aforesaid and by the sd. General to Col. Abner Wammock Senior commander of this post bearing date 15th feby. 1815 for organizing the militia into complete companies Batalions and Regiments the R commanded by Cols.[Thomas C.] Warner and Wammock which order was red'ed. By Col. Wammock on the 26th. Feby. 1815  and on the 27th of the same month the said order of the 15th together with an additional order of major General Thomas ordering that the orders of the 15th. Feby. Be speedily carried into affect--
    In consideration of which the 12th & 13th. Regiment of L-M commanded as aforesaid: was Consolodated into one batalion of three companies agreeable to the order of the 15th and the command of the Battalion committed to the care of L[awrence] H[arrison] Moore major of the 13th. Regiment as consolodated by Brigd. General McCauslin: & on the 28th feby. Major Moor being arrested I red'ed. An order from Col. Abner Wammock directing me to proceed immediately to the above post to supply the vacancy occasioned by the arrest of major moor and also an order to carry into affect an order from your Excelency accompanying the arrest of the Major aforesaid by bringing in and confineing for trial: all those absent without leave as diserters--
    Permit me to state to your Excelency that before your orders calling for a report of the command of col Wammock and the confining of those absent without leave: that order had been issued by Col. Wammock Majr. Moor and myself for that Express purpose: and in positive turms some days before the arrival of the orders of your Excelency--
    I am sorry to state to your Excelency that at the time I took the command of the Camp it was almost abandoned the cause originated from various sources and amongst the number that of a malignant disease that raged throughout the camp in a manner  unheard of before: and which completely Baffled the utmost skill of the physician in consequence of which many of our brethren in arm are consigned to the solitary mansions of the grave--
    but I am happy to state to your Excelency that the men are daily flocking in on their receiving notice and would come in much faster: but for the high waters in every direction occationed by the foods of rain that have fell of late which prevented them from returning in times of their furlow--
    there are many who have asented themselves without leave and deserted I am pursuaded in consiquence of the disease that visited us in so unfriendly a manner with other Causces--
    however I am making use of every means in my power to carry the order of your Excelency into affect by having parties in every direction under suitable commands; and will report as soon as it is in my power to do it with any degree of correctness--
    the situation of our Country and families is such that ading the difficulties of high water & the great number of sick at home and sickness of many families renders it very difficult for me to accomplish my wishes in complying strictly with the tenor of your order--
    I am sorry also to state to your Excelency that the greater part of the pork & flour designed for the use of the 12th regiment delivered to Judge [James] Tate lies condemned as unfit to issue in the quartermaster store and on Examoning the provisions issuable find there is but 4 Days provisions on hand the enclosed requisitions is for one months provision as set forth in the return and order thereunto anexed but your Excelency will Judge whether provisions will be wanting for that length of time or not--
    Dear General if the troops say farmers of the country are kept in service for one month from this date a berry general faliour of crops must issue-- I forbear dwelling on this subject as you are better acquainted with the situation of the enemy than I am or possibly can be--
    and more particular so as the great responsibility of our safety depends on your Excelency—With Sentiments of the highest Respt I am Dear General you very humble Servt

Jno. Wright  Major Commandg. the above Camp

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