Letters from Pierre Louis Morel to Dominick Augustin Hall

March 5, 1815

To the Honble. D. A. Hall: Judge of the United States District Court in & for the District of Louisiana--
    Louaillier an inhabitant of this District & Member of the House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana-- Humbly Sheweth that he has been this Day illegally Arrested by F. Amelung an officer in the forty fourth Regiment, who informed your Petitioner that he did Arrest your Said Petitioner agreeable to orders Given to him (the Said F. Amelung,) by His Excellency Major General Jackson, and that your Said Petitioner is now illegally Detained Pursuant to Said Orders
    Wherefore your Petitioner Prays that a writ of Habeas Corpus be issued to bring him before your Honor, that he may be Delt with according to the Constitution & the laws of the United States.--

P.L. Morel
Atty. For the Petitioner

P.L. Morel being Duly Sworn Declares that the facts stated in Said Petition relative to the Arrest of the Said Louaillier are true, in testimony Whereof he Subscribed the Present in New Orleans on the 6th. Day of March 1815--

P.L. Morel

Sworn & Subscribed before me.

Dom. A. Hall. Dis: Judge

R Claiborne

Let the prayer of the pettier be granted & the per. Be brought before me at 11 Oclk tomorrow Mar 6.

Dom. A. Hall
6th Mar: 15

R Claiborne

Statement of the Marshall Duplessis, within Shewing that on the 5th of March the fiat of Judge Hall was shewn him by the clerk, and the clerk told him that on the evening of the 5th. Judge hall had altered the date from the 5th. To the 6th. Of March on the 5th. Hall was arrested-- A.J.

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  1. Is it possible to get the original citation for this and the other letters on this blog? The information is incredibly interesting - and useful - but hard to make use of without the proper citation.