Proclamation of Peace

General Orders                                                                                    Head-Quarters, 7th Military District
Adjutant's General's Office,
New-Orleans, March 13, 1815

    The commanding general, with the most lively emotions of joy and of gratitude to Heaven, announces to the troops under his command that a treaty of peace between the United States and Great Britain, was ratified and exchanged at Washington, on the 17th of February last.
    In consequence whereof, he loses not an instant in revoking and annulling the general order issued on the 15 [16] day of December last, proclaiming martial law, which is hereby revoked annulled and countermanded; and he orders all hostilities immediately to cease against the troops and subjects of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    And in order that the general joy attending this event may extend to all manner of persons, the commanding general proclaims and orders a pardon for all military offences heretofore committed in this district, and orders that all persons in confinement under such charges, be immediately discharged, By order,

Robert Butler
Adjutant General

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