Reply of Admiral Cockburn to Capt. John Clavell re: Black Batallion

(Copy) Head Quarters Cumberland Island the 10th March 1815.

Should this letter find you still in the Chesapeake, you are on the receipt hereof (notwithstanding the former Instructions conveyed to you by the Madagascar) to leave that Bay with all the Vessels remaining with you of those lately acting under your Orders, (excepting only the Menelaus which Ship conveys
this, and whose Captain has Separate Instructions from me) you are however to understand that you are to bring with you all the Ordnance and Stores of every description from Tangier Island, as by the Treaty such things only as were captured thereon are to be left, and the Commander in Chief desires in particular that on no account a Single Negro be left, except by his own request, if he joined you prior to the Ratification of the Treaty which took place at 11 PM of the 17th February.
The Commander in Chief also wishes you to take down the Barracks etc. erected by us on Tangier, and to bring the Materials with you if you can manage it, and whenever you have so evacuated this Place and brought everything from it, you are to repair with the Ships under your Orders to Bermuda, where you will receive Instructions for your further Guidance;
It may however be right I should add that in the event of your having formally given up our possessions within the Chesapeake prior to receiving this Letter, you cannot with propriety repossess them, for the purpose of making alterations.
I am Sir Your Most Obedient Humble Servant
(Signed) G: Cockburn Rear Admiral

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