Letter from Andrew Jackson to John Coffee

Gibson Port April 24th. 1815

Dr. General
    I hope ere this you are with your amiable little family, enjoying health and ease, which your late Toils and labor so much deserve-- you meet with the reward in this country for your services, that the so much merit, that is full approbation—every where I halt I have the pleasure of hearing you named in the highest terms of approbation-- I have no doubt you have heard the cause of my detention-- it terminated in the very way my friends wished it, the damnation of my enemies cost me one thousand dollars I send my defence to James Jackson, offerred to the court on the rule to shew cause why an attachment should not issue, which was not permitted to be ready by the court-- the report of the case is in the press and will reach Nashville I expect before me-- In Neworleans, there was two public dinners given to me and suit-- one up the coast at which a number of the Most respectable citizens of Orleans attended with Col. Fortiers band, and every place dinners were prepared, I could not partake of the whole, at Natches Ball & Supper was given to Ms. Jackson and the next day a dining to my myself & suit at Washington, and on yesterday a dinner at Greenville and this is the first evening I have had leisure to write you-- I have given the necessary orders to Major Kavenaugh respecting the sick and will Hurry on to Nashville as fast as possible where I will be happy to meet you, to consult on certain matters and things, at present time will not permit me to enumerate-- be good enough to forward the enclosed to Capt John Hutchings, I want him to meet me in Nashville when I arrive on business of some importance-- I had like to have Lost my son yesterday-- he behaved like a soldier and Escaped with very little injury-- his horse run off with him, in the midst of three loose horses, he stuck his horse for half a mile before he fell-- he never hollowed-- give my best respects to Polly and kiss your sweet little children for me, and accept my best wishes, we are all well adieu--

Andrew Jackson

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