Letter to Andrew Jackson from William Henry Harrison

Northbend Ohio 20th. Apl. 1815

    At the request of Mr. Delaplaine who is a friend of mine & a connexion of my wifes I have done myself the Honor to transmit to you the enclosed letter. Whatever you may think proper to do to satisfy the wishes of Mr. D. will be very gratifying to me.
    Altho I have not had the satisfaction to be personally known to you I recollect with pleasure that we had formerly some correspondence & that at a most critical period of my life you were so frienly as to make preparations to assist & support me. How sincerely did I reciprocate this disposition in your late arduous & glorious struggle? How gladly would I have joined you & served under your command even at the Head of a Regiment? My adverse fortune did not however permit this but condemned me to a lfie of ease & retirement when my whole soul was devoted to the profession which I had been compelled to abandon
    That you may long live to enjoy the fruits of yr. Valour & conduct is the ardent wish of Dr sir yr friend & Hum Sevt.

Willm. Henry Harrison

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