Letter from Andrew Jackson to John Reid

Nashville 13th. of June 1815

Dr. Sir,
    I had the pleasure this moment of receiving your note of yesterday and regret exceedingly your Indisposition, the complaint you are affected with is one of the most disagreable, altho not dangerous-- I am sorry I have not a register to send you-- you will find it correctly published in the national inteligencer-- I have just been gratified with a few lines from our friend Duncan-- he asks where are you, that he has not heard of, or from you-- his reply to the Legislature is not finished, he is waiting for the explosion of two of the senators-- who are about to explode and let the treason out-- he says to me he will bust the whole-- I have had a laborious siege of it, and wanted your aid verry much-- the various communications to be made has kept us verry busy-- but we are now closing for the present mail--
     I will expect to see you either here or at my house as soon as your health will permit-- with respects to your lady & best wishes for your speedy recovery adieu

Andrew Jackson

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