Letter from Andrew Jackson to Ninian Edwards and William Clark

Head quarters D. of the South.
Nashville June 27th 1815

     The Indians, on your frontier still hold a menacing attitude of hostility towards the United States. Peace, tranquility and perfect security must be afforded to your frontier. I am just advised that to secure this without a resort to arms, the President of the United States has appointed commissioners to treat with those Tribes bordering on our north west.
     Confidence is not entertained that peace will result from the friendly course adopted by the President of the United States nor can it be expected untill they are made to smart by our arms, and taught to disregard the talks of bad men, agents of British mercenaries to crush these ruthless Mauraders and give peace and safety to the frontier is the present object of the President of the United States in case the proposals of Peace, now offered should be rejected by these deluded wretches. And for this purpose I am authorised to call for an auxiliary force from the Militia of the States or Territories, composing my Division; as you will see in the extract of a letter from the Department of War of date 12th. Instatn herewith enclosed. I have to request you to keep me well advised of the Disposition of the Indians on your frontier. If it should be hostile advise me immediately, and in the mean-time organise for active service the Militia of your Territory, and hold them ready to march at a moments warning. Please advise me of their strength. I have the honor to be with due respect your obt. servt.

Andrew Jackson
Majr. Genl. Comdg.
D. of the South

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