Letter from Andrew Jackson to Alexander James Dallas

Nashville 11 July 1815
     I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letters of the 21st. & 24th. ultimo with their enclosures.
     By my general order of the 3d. Inst. heretofore forwarded to you, & my letter to Genl Gaines of the 24th. ult. a copy of which I now send you, you will be advised of the disposition I have deemed it expedient to make of the troops within my Divission.
     By that which has been made of the 24th. & 39th. Regiments, i am persuaded the machination of Col Nichols will be defeated.
     I cannot believe that any considerable body of the Creeks have the least intention to return to hostilities; & the few who have yeilded themselves to improper influences ought, if they continue to manifest an evil disposition, to be brought, at once, to a proper sense of duty. The Seminoles, on whose friendship the least calculations are to be made, will hardly have the audacity to resort to arms, without great encouragement & support from some other power.
     I regret very much the delay of the Commissioners in runing the Creek boundary line. Upon this subject I beg leave to trasmit you a letter just received from majr Strother. To remove any apprehension or danger in the execution of their task I have sent Capt Donelson with his cmopany of rangers to serve as a guard to teh commissioners If Genl. Coffee could be made to fill the place, from which it seems Col Kershaw has retired, I am well satisfied the business would be soon adjusted. I have the Honor to be very respectfully sir Yr. mst. obt St.

Andrew Jackson
Major Genl Comdg
D. of the south--

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