What is laminated glass

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Laminated glass is also called laminated glass.
POWER GLASS laminated GLASS is two or several pieces of float GLASS with strong PVB (ethylene polymer butyrate) film in the middle, after the hot press press with as much as possible to discharge the air in the middle, and then put into the high pressure steam kettle using high temperature and high pressure to dissolve the remaining small amount of air into the film. In order to facilitate customers and designers higher requirements, can provide a variety of PVB film for customers to choose (transparent, milky white, dot and customer specified color). The product features high safety, because the film of the middle layer is tough and strong adhesion, it is not easy to be penetrated after the impact damage, the debris will not fall off, and the film is tightly bonded together. Compared with other glass, with shock resistance, anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof performance. Energy saving. Is between the film layer can reduce the solar radiation, prevent the loss of energy source, save the energy consumption of air conditioning, the middle film can sound wave vibration products have a buffering effect, so as to achieve sound insulation effect. The intermediate film can block 99 percent of the ultraviolet light, delay the fading of indoor furniture curtains. Add to the aesthetic appearance of the building. The intermediate membrane is available in a variety of colors for the designer to choose to harmonize easily with the exterior wall and surrounding environment. Product application building doors and Windows of guard against theft, bulletproof, bank of explosion-proof with daylighting canopy, glass roof, underwater construction products such as cars, packaging specifications 【 characteristics 】 building sound insulation glass isolate uv safety glass Bullet-proof glass [use] skylight canopy, apartment/hotel door to the zoo, the aquarium Places with special requirements for security 【 specification 】 the biggest size: 2440*5500 (mm) Minimum size: 250*250 (mm) Common glass thickness: 3-19 (mm) common PVB film thickness: 0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm.